Once an application of a patent is filed, a patent application will be treated as renounced.

The registrar issued a notice that allows for a delay of 6 months in filing the Arabic translation. The Power of attorney, the deed of assignment and the certificate of incorporation or the extract of the commercial register must be filed within four months from filing date. However the priority document must be filed within three months from the filing date.

Once the application is accepted the charges of preparing copies for circulation purposes must be paid to the Patent Office.

It takes about three years for the letters patent to be issued after the usual acceptance process.

Annuities are to be paid every year as from the filing date of the application even before the patent is granted

A patent is valid for twenty years starting from the date of filing the application; Annuities should be paid until the expiry of the patent protection period.


Requirements for filing a patent application:

   A Legalized power of attorney up to Egyptian Embassy or


A Legalized extract of commercial register or certificate of

   incorporation up to Egyptian Embassy or consulate.

A legalized Deed of assignment from inventors to the applicant up

   to the Egyptian or any Arabian Embassy or Consulate.

A Legalized copy of priority document up to the Egyptian

   Embassy or consulate, if the priority claimed by applicant.

Name, nationality, address, profession & / or nature of business of


Two sets of specification in English for preparing Arabic

  translation, must be subdivided as follows :

   - Prior art.

   - Drawbacks of the prior art

   - What the new about the invention (improvements)

   - Detailed description.

   - Mode of exploitation of the inventor

Summary of invention in English with Arabic translation

   (100 words).

Drawing in duplicate .